A BLANK CANVAS waiting for a colorful vision from our client’s dreams, mixed with our artistic visions, being truly custom.

I am READY, now what's the process…?


SIGN ME UP! Contact us! Email, call or easier than that, head over to the LET'S CHAT tab. An inquiry contract will be sent for you to fill out and give us the details and your visions. Non-refundable (applied) deposit is required to get a position in our production schedule. What is the ideal timeframe for booking? Contact us when you have the details at least 6-9 months for invitation clients and at least 8-10 weeks for map clients. If we are able to fit in a tighter deadline we will, so reach out and check.


THE MAGIC IS HAPPENING. When we start the design process, we will take the information that we gathered from you to begin the artwork and design the pieces. We normally will narrow in on the invitation first and then once that is decided on we will move forward with the other companion pieces of your suite. Your invitations are the first impression of your wedding or event, we want to make sure they will reflect you and all your visions. Map projects start with giving us the points of interest that get charted to determine the area of the map and its orientation and design.


HEARING CRICKETS…This is the anticipation time on your part, BUT, we are busy designing and pairing papers and painting artwork to add to your one-of-a-kind invitation suite. We got you, we know when the deadlines are and what your mailout date needs to be, but we are also juggling other clients at the same time, hang tight during this time. This will include 3 proof rounds that we will work through and nail down the perfect invite. Half of the balance due is required now. We will purchase all the materials that will go into the suite, papers, envelopes, wax seals, ribbons, you name it! Maps do not go through the sample process the same but still have 3 proof rounds. Please understand that revisions/edits and redraws are different, any map redraws will incur addtional charges. 

Additional invitation suite revisions are available but will incur a fee.


WOO HOO, your invitations are designed! A final look at the details, making sure that we have all the spelling, addresses, times and every “t” is crossed, we would hate to have something so important not have one last look. We will require the balance paid in full 2 weeks prior to printing. Oh, one more… that last form that we need you to sign off on.  Files are now ready and prepared for the printer.


IT'S GETTING REAL! The invitations arrive back here for assembly, we will have all your pieces in order and counted for you. If you are doing the stuffing/stamping, the invitations and envelopes will be shipped to you. If we are providing this service for you, we will carefully use your merged documents to match up and number the RSVPs, insert them into the proper envelopes, seal and stamp for the USPS guidelines.

“Please know that we take the utmost care when it comes to the mailing. We are not responsible for any pieces that get lost or damaged due to USPS issues. We do have an amazing relationship with our local postal workers but at times the machines that they travel through to get to their destination are not as nice. It can happen, this is why we recommend a small cushion of extra invites or maps in your ordered quantity."

E: or hit up that LET'S CHAT tab up there!

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