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Custom Watercolor Maps

Our watercolor maps have been known to show up in many cities. We have drawn Chicago, Lake Geneva, Fontana, Atlanta, Palm Springs, LA, New York City, Brooklyn, Poughkeepsie, Paris, Florence, Cartagena, Islamorada, Vail, Aspen too many to count! Our maps are not just for weddings either, we design custom property maps, corporate incentive trip maps, luxury real estate listings and so much more. When choosing your personalized points of interest, think of things that you enjoy about the area, the “why" in how you selected it. Places that you want to share with your friends, guests or employees during the event, and we will do the rest. They are fun to give out when they check in at the hotels, the maps will give them the general idea of where places are and what is on the itinerary, but note we do take artist license and although they are pretty detailed and researched, they will still need to use modern technology and navigation to not get lost.

Custom Watercolor Maps start at $550, depending on the size and print quantites. We hope you enjoy some of our past work below. For the daily play-by play, follow us on Instagram @eight21studios, to keep up to date with our drawing board.

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