2015 Review – Pineapple Passion


Pineapple Passion- Michelle and Tony had a destination wedding in St. Croix. Not everyone could attend, with busy schedules and finances it is sometimes hard for all the guests to swing that. But they did not want to leave anyone out and planned a Reception Lunch in the summer. This way the guests could be part of the day, watching video and seeing pictures made them feel like they were part of the whole thing.

Working with them was always fun as they never liked the plain text of a standard RSVP card. I am sure it gave their guests a chuckle to receive the invite and fill out their response but it was truly “Michelle and Tony” style- and I LOVE that!


Adding the pineapple to their wedding flowers I had already designed, made a great collaboration for the Luncheon.The pineapple symbolizes hospitality and welcome to our home. In years past if a pineapple was displayed it meant you could proceed and enter the gates. Guests were often welcomed and stayed in guest bedrooms with pineapple bed posts. So the next time you cut into that juicy fruit or serve it in a fruit salad to friends and family…rejoice in the great meaning of the gathering and hospitality it stands for. It’s not just a piece of fruit!

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