Wedding Guest Maps

As we reflect on this years season, we can’t help but think about the MANY cities we were in…well not really in person, BUT we designed a great selection of Wedding Guest Maps.

Chicago, New York, San Antonio (Tony and Axelle Parker #9), Atlanta, Palm Springs, Minneapolis and many more. ¬†We are currently working on our Paris Fold-Out Wedding Guest Map to reveal soon. Sometimes we forget that our name is not Rand McNally, the details that go into the wedding guest maps and it’s unique icons is at times over the top. Details like changing the roses to yellow for our Texas client and adding in bridal flowers that the bride will be carrying in her color theme for Georgia we LOVE details!

Our Wedding Guest Maps include up to 12 destination icons in the art fee. Clients can pick from anything…their wedding locations, guest hotels to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant. We encourage them to get as personal as they want, much like our invitations that we design…our goal is for the guests to “see” a piece of our clients in them, make them stand apart from just “an invite”

1045180_860536110626189_1342242393737446934_nchicago and new york guest map

wedding guest map Tony Parker

FUN FACT about our maps is along with my signature, I always include (hidden, like Where’s Waldo) the number 821 in part of the boat numbers, taxi number or even in the row team boat. EIGHT21 Studios is a “sister” company that was started when my dad passed away (August 21st) and my sister moved here from California. She is a Graphic Designer, and Carol Woldhuis Designs ruler gal, “grid-girl” and does most all the research and maps grids for our Wedding Guest Maps, then I take over with PAINT.

eight21 studios