Hand Painted Calendars – Ranunculus

In creating some products for #NSS aka National Stationery Show. I decided to create a complete 12 image collection showing the color mood of each month, while using the already hand painted image concept that was used for the Starry Night artwork that will be featured in the new 2013-2014 issue of ChicagoStyle Weddings magazine. These Hand Painted Calendars -Ranunculus are a slim line calendar that is great for inside a cabinet or cubicle. Fun and colorful, just something to make you smile when you look at it, or a great gift!

One of the flowers that keeps coming up in wedding floral work is RANUNCULUS, known to some as buttercup. The name Ranunculus is Late Latin for “little frog,” from rana “frog” and a diminutive ending. This probably refers to many species being found near water, like frogs. The name buttercup may derive from a false belief that the plants give butter its characteristic yellow hue (in fact it is poisonous to cows and other livestock). A popular children’s game involves holding a buttercup up to the chin; a yellow reflection is supposed to indicate fondness for butter.They are soft and delicate, feminine and colorful all at the same time.

The movement that occurs in the swirls is visually pleasing. Much like in the inspiration piece for Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh… the swirls and movement keeps a viewers eyes interested and engaged in the painting. Looking and the depth and color dimension of each circle and swirl. Moving from one to another and back, essentially keeping them focused on your image for awhile. (the whole idea) Case and point of why people stare at ART and why one person may see one thing and another may view it differently.

The hand painted calendars are printed on a glossy white 4″x10″ stock that is notched out at the top with a white wire calendar hanger for space saving hang ability.


Check out our Etsy storefront to purchase these calendars.

Birds of Paradise Wedding Invitations

Catching up on posting a few of your past jobs. Today we are featuring the vivid Birds of Paradise wedding invitations that we created for Stephanie and Rich who planned a very quaint ceremony back in March in Kona, Hawaii and now are planning a fun and tropical reception slash after party. When they came to Carol Woldhuis Designs back in October, Stephanie had already tried to put together some invitations, but just wasn’t what her “dream” was.

The original wedding was to all take place in Hawaii but later the couple changed a few details and we made some shifts ourselves. The idea of the boarding pass fit perfect for a tropical, destination celebration and we all felt it would serve as a great invitation still when planning the celebration. After talking more with the couple in the design stages, (like most consultations)…a relationship is built. We discuss all sorts of things, and listening to Stephanie talk about her son and how they will be a family of three. I found it fitting to use the birds of paradise flower.

Birds of Paradise: Strelitzia /strɛˈlɪtsiə/ is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa, also known as the crane flower. Most often the bright orange spokes that pop out come in a grouping of three…two usually pop first and then the last. What a great concept for blending a family of three. At least that is how my “artist mind” thinks sometimes.

We had fun with the wording, keeping the etiquette proper but making the wording about the couple’s personality.

perforated Reply card

Vibrant hand painted Birds of Paradise Wedding Invitation
Using the rich gold shimmer tones on the boarding pass cover gave a balance to the vibrant watercolor image. Not stopping there, the design team added the extra “shimmer” to the flower which gave it that finishing touch! The clients were great to work with and were overjoyed with the end result.

Birds of Paradise Wedding Invitations
As we say at Carol Woldhuis Designs…where ART meets Stationery. Interested in creating that special one of a kind invitation for your next event? Let’s Chat and dream up a perfect one-

Stephanie and Rich found us in Wedding Guide Chicago magazine, check out our featured watercolor Chicago Guest Map in the latest issue!


Updating our "BRAND"…

Recently I have taken sometime to tweak our “brand”. I am so excited about our new business cards!

Using the thumbprint swirl on the front has always been my logo of choice. To me the swir,l is the story …where ART meets Stationery. When a client comes to us, we start with a blank canvas, mix all their ideas and visions together to get just the right color palette. Our designers then collaborate to create the perfect invitation suite possible.

The back of the business card shows 8 different sketched images, (that part might have been for me)…so I don’t get bored with the artwork (haha). Branding our business has been a challenge at times, my most important point I always try to feature is we are truly “CUSTOM”. The sky is the limit when it comes to your dream invitation. Our passion for our art and designs in embedded in the stationery, you are getting more than just an invitation when you choose Carol Woldhuis Designs.

Lets chat soon, I would love to give you one of our NEW business cards!


Definitely a RIGHT-Brain kinda DAY

FUN FACT: Some right-brained individuals have good artistic abilities like, painting, dancing, singing, writing, poetry, etc., and some can tackle calculus problems at the back of their hand. I am the FIRST haha…MATH not so much.

Some famous RIGHT-BRAIN people…such BIG shoes to follow but so awesome to try!

•Sir Isaac Newton
•Albert Einstein
•Leonardo Da Vinci
•Jonas Salk
•Thomas Alva Edison
•Galileo Galilei
•Bill Gates
•Benjamin Franklin
•Steven Spielberg
•Alexander Graham Bell
•Thomas Jefferson
•Abraham Lincoln
•Pablo Picasso

Something about thes lemons makes me want to go out and try this…Injecting food coloring into lemons will give you this crazy result!

Definitely a RIGHT-Brain kinda DAY~

FUN FACT: Rights are trusting–too trusting. They easily have patents and ideas stolen from them, usually to a left. Lefts know how to use an idea. They just can’t come up with them on their own.

Germany Plants Fair

Colorful flowers are planted in traditional wooden clogs from the Netherlands at the International trade fair for plants in the city of Essen, Germany, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Some FUN TRENDS from Chicago Style Weddings and others…


Keep guests informed about what’s for dinner. Get the precise menu listing from your caterer and then print out the particulars on menu cards. You don’t need a card for each guest. Simply print out a card or two for each table. Your guests will appreciate knowing the menu, especially if they have allergies or certain food preferences.
Don’t forget your food stations and drink menus as well, keeping your guests well informed will be


Wedding guests don’t always want a full course meal. Instead serve yummy dishes in appetizer portions. Mashed potato bars are super trendy. The classic comfort food is being reinvented as a reception hit, complete with fix-ins like cheese, bacon bits and chives. Delish!

I know a great caterer that can hook you up with this Fun Station as well as others…Catering by Chef Paul contact Ginger


Wedding stationery is a must for brides and grooms and it’s never been more important to have save-the-date cards. As soon as you set a wedding date, send all the people on your probable guest list a save-the-date card so they know to keep the date open on their calendars. After all, people are busy these days. If they know about your celebration ahead of time, they’re more likely not to plan any other activities for that date.


Wedding programs tell guests what to expect on the big day, but that doesn’t mean the programs have to be boring or predictable. Have a good time creating something to inform guests and be memorable at the same time. Some ideas? A program modeled after a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter or a program inspired by your favorite comic strip – use comic panels to tell guests what will happen throughout the event.

The contemporary, modern wedding will still be big in 2011. Brides are opting for non-traditional dress choices, such as: beautiful hues instead of the usual white or ivory; old shoulder instead of strapless; and short cocktail dresses (the little white dress) instead of a long gown. This trend will continue through décor, as well, with couples steering away from the customary 10-person round table and opting to mix table shapes and sizes. They are also incorporating bright and bold colors, cool lounge settings, and after parties; choosing cupcakes instead of a wedding cake; and letting color tie together the bridesmaids as they choose different styles of dresses.

One of the top wedding trends for the upcoming year is vintage and retro-inspired with a modern twist. What’s old is new. We’ll see:

vintage wedding dresses with cap sleeves

beautiful textures

ornate details

natural settings, including outdoor and backyard weddings

photo booths (actual and set areas with draped-cloth backdrops)

vintage photography

Eco-friendly weddings

Trend Watch 2010-2011 Chicago Style Weddings